LaShanda Henry
Internet Entrepreneur, Author, & Web Coach
Founder, Black Business Women Online 

North Carolina resident and business woman, LaShanda Henry has been developing websites for over 10 years. She owns over 15 web properties focused primarily on creating positive websites for people of color. Having built her own successful online empire she now devotes much of her time to teaching women entrepreneurs how to do the same. Some of her websites include Multiple Shades of You Online (an African American Web Portal), the Black Moms Club, SistaSense (Money and Marketing Blog) and the Black Business Women Online Social Network.

As both a web designer and internet marketing coach, LaShanda has been featured in magazines such as Essence, The Network Journal, and As a blogger she has worked with brands including Disney, General Mills, TNT, and many others.  Between her websites, social networking communities, blogs, eBooks and now SistaSense In Print magazine,LaShanda is on a mission to use technology as a tool to affect positive change within the black community online. 

 Wayne Sutton

Entrepreneur, Technology/Social Media Guru and Advisor

Co-founder, NewMe Accelerator

North Carolina Native, Wayne Sutton helps individuals, startups and businesses succeed in understanding how to communicate on the social web via web development, user experience, brand strategy and marketing (Mobile and Social). With 10 plus years of experience in internet technology, he has provided counsel to business leaders ranging from founders of small startups and representatives of nonprofit organizations to CEOs of large and small corporations.

Wayne is an entrepreneur, advisor and Partner of NewMe Accelerator Subjects of CNN: Black in America 4 hosted by Soledad O'Brien

Wayne has been featured on,, Web Pro news, The Atlanta Post and various media outlets. His blog has been ranked one of the 50 best technology and social media blogs in the world by Evan Carmichael and Simply Zesty. Wayne has spoken at various internet/technology focused conferences and events such as SXSW, Pubcon Austin, Social Media Breakfast, TAMA, TIMA, PRSA, FutureM/GEOM and Blog World.

Staying current with the ever changing trends in internet technology, Wayne loves educating and inspiring others to succeed and providing value to his clients

Stephanie D. Harris & Roderick Frizzelle

Entrepreneurs - Co-founders of (@ibuzzn) 

North Carolina native, Stephanie Danielle Harris (Bobbitt) is a diverse serial entrepreneur making major business moves. She has transformed into a dynamic savvy leader and sought after inspirational business professional. Stephanie Harris’s experience spans into variety of industries and roles that include technology and health care. In 2003 at the age of 22, she opened her first home care agency which coined her the youngest person to own and operate a homecare agency in the state of North Carolina. Stephanie started another business in 2007 that included a variety of mental health services until June 2010.  In 2010 she dived nose first into technology and has not looked back since. Her visionary skills led to the creation of ibuzzn, a software platform designed to disrupt the restaurant industry by introducing a customer focused mobile application that will enhance the overall dining experience. She is also the co-founder of Accredicom a software solution for the healthcare industry that assists providers with achieving and maintaining national accreditation and compliance.

North Carolina native, Roderick Frizzelle is owner of Soambitious and co-founder of “Created to Create” is his self fulfilling prophecy. Born Roderick Bryant Frizzelle, he began to show interest in engineering starting with his erector set at an early age. He would spend hours creating and crafting unusual designs.  Enrolling in North Carolina Central University and graduating at the top of his class majoring in Computer Information Systems, he received his Bachelor of Science in 2004. A natural born entrepreneur, Roderick never seemed at home working for anyone, while at every occupation he had, Roderick always spent a lot of time thinking how he could improve the current process and turn it into his own. With his technological acumen, keen business intelligence, passion for writing bulletproof code, and a strong desire to develop incredibly useful software around business needs Roderick founded SoAmbitious Inc, a software development and design firm focused on creating amazing apps.

Tiffani Bell

Developer & Entrepreneur

Founder of

Fayetteville, NC Native, Tiffani is the CEO and founder of Pencil You In (, a platform enabling the world's hairstylists and barbers to delight their clients and more efficiently manage their businesses by accepting appointments online.  Tiffani graduated from Howard University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Systems and Computer Science.  In college, she interned at IBM as a mobile developer and twice at HP as a web developer, and after college, worked at a government contractor as a web developer before leaving to work on Pencil You In full-time.
A Ruby on Rails developer since 2005, she also develops for Apple iOS and Google Android.  Most recently, she was a member of the first class of the NewME Accelerator (, an accelerator whose aim is to introduce minority-led startups to the inner workings of Silicon Valley.  CNN chronicled Tiffani and other startuppers in the NewME Accelerator in Silicon Valley for Summer 2011 for its newest Black in America installment airing November 13th.  An avid tweeter since 2007, Tiffani can be found tweeting at or 

Angela Benton

Entrepreneur and founder of BlackWeb 2.0, NewMe Accelerator 


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