Who are the folks behind this event?

 100 Urban Entrepreneurs is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to helping provide a long-term economic boost to urban communities throughout the United States by supporting entrepreneurship at its earliest stages. 100 Urban Entrepreneurs seeks to identify, fund and mentor 100 of the most promising young business people from economically disadvantaged communities who might otherwise lack access to startup capital and a professional network. Our goal is to provide the tools to help talented young dreamers create viable, profitable companies and create jobs within urban America. 100UE has strategic partnerships with the White House, National Urban League, Black Enterprise and other outlets focused on strengthening entrepreneurship for young people. To date 100UE has funded nearly 40+ entrepreneurs across the US. For more information, visit www.100UrbanEntrepreneurs.org.

About Katrina M. Harrell A North Carolina business person, Katrina is the founding CEO of Your Simple Bookkeeper, Inc. which was the first (and only) NC resident to be the recipient of 100 Urban Entrepreneur funding grant in 2010. As founder of BITE week, Katrina Harrell is an advocate for entrepreneurship as a wealth builder for people of color and women. Ms. Harrell is also the President of the KM Harrell Group, LLC a strategic business development & consulting firm offering business strategy solutions to create profitable business models.  She has been featured in blackenterprise.com, Top 200 Leading Moms in business by Start-upNation.com and a host of other  media outlets. For more information, visit www.katrinamharrell.com.


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